Fast Qualitative Data Insights

Analyzing qualitative data on your own can be slow and expensive.

A.I. summaries may be useful but are often so high level that you will tend to miss important signals.

Clues provide qualitative data insights backed by real evidence in the form of three choice quotes.

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In these example Clues you hear board game players describe their needs and wants on social media

Nostalgia and Sentimentality for Past Board Games

Many consumers have fond memories of playing board games in the past, often associating them with positive experiences and connections with friends and family. There is a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality for these games, which can influence purchasing decisions.

The Match-O-Matic reminds me of the nostalgic Pop-O-Matic Trouble board game from my childhood.
Finding a gently used, "like new" copy of the Picture Picture Board Game on Amazon was a dream come true as it brings back fond memories of playing it with our kids when they were younger.
I have fond memories of playing a board game at a friend's house on his computer about 15 years ago, where you would go around the board, choose a job, and make sure to have enough food

How It Works

Clues provide results you can trust rather than the high-level glossing typical of A.I. summarization tools



All major Topics within your qualitative data are detected and investigated



Significant quotes related to a Topic are paraphrased for brevity and clarity



Quotes representative of a Topic are summarized and annotated with Insights

Results You Can Trust

Powered by Artificial Intelligence but supervised by real Human Analysts so that you get flawless results

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Michael Patrick is a software engineer and consumer insights analyst whose work has been featured in Fast Company, VentureBeat and Mashable. He is the lead analyst for Clues which is trusted by Insights firms serving Fortune 500 companies as well as academic researchers. Michael is a graduate of New York University with additional studies at Parsons and UCLA.


His talent, intelligence, and dedication are truly remarkable. He is a proactive problem solver, always willing to tackle challenges head-on and offer insightful solutions. What also sets Michael apart is his unwavering reliability.

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Michael possesses rare qualities and a method that brings about significant results. His intellect and his masterful problem-solving considerably enhance our projects. He works seamlessly with a range of stakeholders, too.

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